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Check out Satan Through the Eyes of the Luciferians

Christians generally consider Satan and Lucifer to be just two names for the exact same being. Satanists also usually use the names interchangeably. Luciferians, but do not, nor does the Bible.

Biblical Origins

Even though Satan is mentioned throughout the Bible, Lucifer is said previously, in Isaiah 14:12:

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! ( King James edition)

And in many translations, he is not even mentioned :

How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You've been cast down to the ground, you who once laid low the nations! (New International Version)

And when this does not seem very Satanic, that is as it is not. Kings commonly have many different names, and"morning star" was among his.

The planet Venus is often referred to as the morning star. This is the way the word initially entered the Bible, and it had been popularized in English from the King James Bible.

The Lucifer of the Luciferians

It's this idea of light-bringer which Luciferians embrace. For these, Lucifer is a being that attracts out enlightenment in people who actually seek it. He isn't external electricity that hands out understanding so much as anyone that aids a seeker in bringing it from himself.

Balance is also a substantial part of the idea of Lucifer. He's both religious and sensual, as are people, based on Luciferians. He's moderation over sporadically. He's both the light and the shadow, as you can't have one without the other, and there are lessons to be learned in the two.

Some Luciferians believe Lucifer a real being, but some believe him entirely symbolic. Many agree that ultimately it does not really matter because the attention is upon the fundamentals of Lucifer, not entry to some supernatural intelligence.

Lucifer and Satan

Lucifer has many qualities which make him like the Satan of Satanists (but not into the Satan of Judeo-Christianity.) Lucifer symbolizes creativity, freedom, perfection, growth, exploration, and knowledge through experience over truths that are accepted. He symbolizes rebellion from dogma along with other elements of management.

Some explain Lucifer and Satan as being two sides of the identical coin; one being with numerous facets. The best way to see him depends upon your own religious objectives and comprehension. Satan is the rebellious and more confrontational figure. Luciferians typically see Satanists as mainly resisting something (Christianity especially and dogmatic faith generally ) while Luciferians walk their own course independent of some other religion.

Luciferians clarify this notion as saying it is all about perspective. Many think that although Lucifer and Satan might be the exact same being, in Luciferian he's not Satan since that title denotes the enemy' That really is"Satan" in its first, Hebraic significance. Satan initially was not a name but a description. He had been the adversary, hard the Hebrews to eliminate faith.

That's to say, the notion of light-bringer -- that the literal meaning of Lucifer -- makes zero sense in a Judeo-Christian circumstance of Satan, who's a being of darkness, trickery, temptation, and devastation.

Luciferians criticize Satanists as being too focused on resisting Christianity and seeing themselves in relation opposing Christianity. That's not the opinion of the Luciferians. They don't see themselves in captivity, even though they accept that their beliefs are contrary to that of classic Judeo-Christianity.

His function as Satan is vital, and many (most?) Luciferians look lovingly upon the suggestions and imagery which have improved from his job as Satan, but it isn't our primary focus. Satanism is a religion contrary to something by its own nature. Luciferianism is a development of Satanism - a faith that stands by itself, independent of any additional stimulation, for it's the path of individuals who have to know the need to exceed the decreased degrees of tainted generation, on which the substance founder resides.

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